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Brian Robusto

Project Manager
Since 2023

Rooted in a family legacy of craftsmanship, Brian’s journey into the world of construction began at an early age, learning the ropes and operating heavy machinery under the guidance of his father, a custom builder. This early exposure laid the foundation for a remarkable 25-year career in the industry. Having traversed the spectrum of construction, from production to custom projects, Brian now thrives in the realm of renovations at Tri Square. Their comprehensive understanding of every facet of the industry positions him as a seasoned professional with an invaluable depth of knowledge. The most rewarding aspect of his job is witnessing the fruition of his efforts—the completed projects that stand as testaments to meticulous planning and dedication. This commitment to excellence is not just a professional philosophy but a personal one deeply ingrained in Brian’s roots. Away from the construction site, Brian finds solace and inspiration in his garage workshop—the favorite room in their house. Beyond the professional realm, Brian cherishes moments spent with his family. Quality time with loved ones is a top priority, offering a balance to the demanding world of project management. Additionally, he finds joy in the thrill of jet skiing on the lake, embracing the freedom of the open water as a welcomed contrast to the structured nature of his profession.

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